Data and Knowledge Products Developed

1. Geospatial library: Web application for Map services at four levels for Andhra Pradesh: District, Block, watersheds and village for the features: soils, administrative boundaries, mini and micro watersheds, markets, etc., and learning resources for GIS applications
2. Climate Information System: To manage complex flow of data and information from climate data sources to agricultural scientists in NARS who require data at varying  spatial and time scales.
3. Geospatial Village Knowledge Management System for village level technology and institutional interventions to enhance livelihoods (Villages in Nalgonda district; Telangana)
4. GIS based Decision Support Systems:  soil health assessment , assessment  of groundwater recharge and resources; assessment of non-point source pollution of groundwater, conjunctive use of canal and groundwater; irrigation canal operation, field scale  irrigation scheduling; experimental farm management; watershed runoff assessment; agri-food retail management; agr-supply chain management
5. Spatial databases at National, State, District and Block level for mapping agricultural production, rural infrastructure and other resources, mapping livelihoods vulnerability at block level
6. Virtual learning Centre: Learning resources for understanding and  using GIS and remote sensing software and applications
7. Simulation Models and software: for soil water balance, groundwater recharge, groundwater flow , irrigation scheduling, soil nitrogen balance, nitrate transport in groundwater; GIS based products
8. One trimester course on GIS in Agribusiness and several related case studies