Thank you for visiting my site (a work in progress)

I am presently, an independent researcher,  and  Trustee of the Dr NGP Rao Foundation .

Prior to this I was a scientist with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research for nearly 40 years, and  KL Rao Chair Professor at  University of Hyderabad.

My interests cover  agricultural hydrology and water resources management; climate change impacts on agriculture and water resources, geospatial and information technology applications;  agricultural data analytics; Intellectual property policies; Technology and innovation management; Institutional leadership, strategy,  and change management; Agriculture, water and science policies;   Agribusiness management and Agritech-entrepreneurship.

I am here to share resources and insights on: agriculture and water sciences;  agricultural research, education and technology management;  agribusiness management; and contemporary issues and concerns influencing  agriculture, science and natural resource policies.

The  purpose is  to engage, enable and accelerate learning and innovation towards sustainable increases in  the total value created in  agricultural value chains, while increasing farmer share of the created value.