GIS In Agribusiness-Course Outline


Geographic information systems (GIS) tools are becoming integrated into business information systems to support both strategic and tactical decisions. Managers must learn to apply them effectively in business decision making.  In this course students will Students will learn:

  • Basic concepts of GIS  design  and implementation
  • Working skills of GIS software  by completing a modular GIS project (involving basic operations of GIS software), and
  • GIS use in business decision making by analyzing different business situations using GIS software  (Practical and Case studies)


For GIS Project

  1. P D Sreekanth, K V Kumar, A Krishna Prasad, S K Soam and N H Rao, 2012. Practical handbook on Quantum GIS (QGIS) (Pub: NAARM)

For Business Applications Practical Exercises and Case Study Discussions:

  1. Fred L Miller (2007) GIS tutorial for Marketing (ESRI Press) + YouTube videos of the Book Chapters on Authors website
  2. QGIS adaptation of exercises in (1) above for PGDM(Agriculture) Course on GIS in Agribusiness
  3. Tapestry Segmentation Resource Guide (ESRI)
  4. Case Preparation and Discussion Template and Notes

Course outline

No. Topic Resource
1. GIS role  in Agribusiness
2. Relational Database concepts for GIS Practical Handbook on Quantum GIS (QGIS)
3. Practical exercises on Relational database design Chapter 1
4. GIS concepts and applications: GIS data models, file types, map projection and scale; Introduction to GPS and practice Chapters 2 & 3
5. Geospatial database design and implementation – Practical  modular project using  QGIS  (public domain software) Chapter 5 (also includes QGIS installation procedure section 5.5)
6. GIS Practical Case Studies in business analysisExercises followed by case discussion GIS Tutorial for Marketing: chapter exercises                      +

Case Preparation and Discussion Template

Environmental Scanning & Market Area Analysis Chapter 1: Exercises +  case discussion
Market Expansion Chapter 2: Exercises +  case discussion
Developing a Targeted Promotional Campaign Chapter 3: Exercises +  case discussion
Marketing and Communication Strategy Chapter 5: Exercises +  case discussion
Retail Site Selection Chapter 8: Exercises +  case discussion
7. Student Seminars: GIS applications in Agribusiness (Supply chains, marketing, retail)

Lectures and course materials