Agribusiness Strategy – Course Outline

Objective: :  Provide an organized framework and a set of tools to analyze business  strategy of an organization and learn to think  strategically

Course outline

  • Concepts/definitions of strategy and strategic analysis: value creation and capture, business strategy; competitive advantage, strategic positioning; value chain; business aspirations  (Vision, mission, values)
  • Tools/frameworks for strategic analysis
    • Environment analysis: SWOT, PEST/PESTEL
    • Industry analysis – Porter’s Five Forces
    • Competitor analysis
    • Value chain analysis
    • Others: BCG matrix; Product Life Cycle analysis; McKinsey7 S Model; other
  • Implementing strategy : Balanced Score Card
  • Case studies: Big Basket; Climate Corporation; Monsanto India; Jain Irrigation; Olam; Paper Boat; Spencer’s Retail;  McDonald’s India -French Fries supply chain
  • Presentations by students – strategic analysis of companies (internship Cos.)
  • Evaluation : assignments, quiz , mid term, class participation, final, viva

Lectures and course materials